We recently migrated to NW6.5 sp2 (from 5.1 sp7) in our lone server
environment. We installed ifolder and ended up taking the default for the
ifolder install. (wasn't clear if that steps was for enduser ifolder data
or if it was to be used for enduser ifolder administrative stuff
Turns out that folder was for enduser ifolder data it seems.

How/where can we tell ifolder a new directory location. That is, we want to
create an ifolder folder on VOL1 and have the ifolder service use that.

can that be easily enough done (something simple as changing a location
field) or is it a more involved process.

I have not created any users, so would reinstalling ifolder and entering
the proper info work. Even if this is the simple solution, I am curious
about my previous question above, can you move an ifolder data destination