I have I-folder (Net Drive) set up on my Win 2k box, and am trying to get
access to the folder contents on my remote connection. (Netware 5.5 I
think). Any folders I open (I can see all folders), but I cannot open
contents of them in office 2003. All my Access files, the Excel files,
Word docs, become empty with the exception of "NetDrive Folder" in big
text up in the corner. (In the case of Excel files.). Access files it
refuses to open. On top of things, when I look at the files under the
Detailed view I see that they have changed in size from 3812 kb to 4 kb.
(not permanently on the other end), just in the NetDrive window.

Please help!!! Drop me an email at dan.magnusson@Motionanalysis.com.

Thanks in advance.