Hi all!

I have a iFolder 2.1 pro system, where the iFolder server has been
upgraded from NW6 to NW6.5.
Hereafter, iFolder has stopped working for one user only.
He's in the same context as the others, and I've followed the TID 10092590
without any luck.

The user starts he's iFolder client, and it looks like he logs in, but in
the information screen, I get an "Connection with server broken"

I've done a LDAP trace, and it looks like this :

13:49:10 BEE052A0 LDAP: ( DoBind on
connection 0x6985d20
13:49:10 BEE052A0 LDAP: ( Bind
name:cn=iFolder_ServerAgent,O=TOP, version:3, authentication:simple
13:49:10 BEE052A0 LDAP: ( Sending operation
result 0:"":"" to connection 0x6985d20

The iFolder client is the same version as the rest of the users.

Any ideas?