After installing NW6SP5 on a couple of completely different servers I found
that on both of them iFolder synchronisation had slowed to a crawl taking
over 30 minutes for a single 50MB file over a LAN where previously there had
been no problem.

There were no apparent communication problems between the server and
workstations as manual copying the file from IP only workstations to the
servers took a few seconds. Reinstalling the client was no help either.

In the end I renamed the Apache folder on the server to ApacheSP5 and copied
the Apache folder from the backup I took before installing SP5 into its
place. I also had to copy the logs directory from ApacheSP5 to Apache and
the rootcert.der into the Apache\Ifolder\Server directory and restart.

Synchronisation was then back to how it should be.

I haven't tested this extensively but so far I have had no problem with any
of the Apache services or iFolder since performing this.

Apologies if this had already been covered or if anyone has had similar
problems but with a different solution then please let me know.