Here is the situation:

Installed sp2.
ifolder works
netstorage works
Virtual office does not work
imanager does not work
web admin does not work
remote manager does not work

Researched problem and found that somehow sp2 uninstalled the web apps that
did not work

Reinstalled all of the web apps.
ifolder does not work
netstorage does not work
everything else works

uninstalled ifolder/netstorage
reinstall ifolder/netstorage

ifolder works
netstorage does not
Authentication domain was missing.

Uninstall netstorage
reinstall netstorage
Netstorage works
ifolder does not work

reinstall ifolder
ifolder does not work

Specific problem with ifolder:
On the console - does not process the user directories on startup
User gets error -105

Check that there is not duplication in the ifolder_server01 setting in
ConsoleOne: Okay
Check java.htm and ifolder_nav.htm: okay

When user tries to connect to ifolder this error is on the console:
wrong encryption method

Checked for LDAP clear text password is allowed: okay

Any thoughts from the Novell gods?


R. Lemon