Hi, we have been experiencing some files becoming corrupt in users
iFolders. When a file is copied to a workstation in our office
environment it can be read by that PC. However, if a user then tries to
read the file on a different PC (e.g, at home)it is corrupt and cannot be
read. It appears that the PC's running iFolder at work are corrupting
files when they are added to the iFolder directory. The one consistent
factor so far is that it appears to only affect PC's that have been
imaged using a PC build via Zen Works 4. They PC's are all Windows 2000
workstation with the latest service pack. It doesnít' seem to appear as a
problem on Win XP workstations. I am confused by this!! Any ideas? We are
using iFolder 2.1 on Netware 6.0 SP4.