iFolder 1.03 / Netware 6
While testing iFolder before training staff, I have had major problems
with files being deleted during synchronization. For example, when I
logged into iFolder on my home computer the activity log states:

iFolder database reconciliation complete
Synchronization with server
Deleting file ....

The deleted file was never available in my iFolder at work.

I have 2 files that are consistently available. I've had other files that
were synched from my home computer to work. However, after editing them
at work, they disappeared from my iFolder and were not synchronized with

Do both computers need to be logged into iFolder at the same time for
synchronization to work?

Thinking that these files were somehow getting lost when I logged out of
the network, I have changed the policies for roaming profiles to allow
ALL folders to be copied to my home directory. (Windows XP Group
Policies -- System -- User Data).