I'm trying to setup a iFolder server with a different LDAP server. I have
installed a brand new iFolder server with NW65SP2. In iManager under User
LDAP's I add our LDAP server. I can see all the O's, OU's from that LDAP
server in iManager. I have "actiavate"" all the O's and OU's. Save and Exit.
I restart the iFolder server. When I try to login from a workstation with
the iFolder-client, it says: "You are not authorized to use iFolder" On the
console from teh iFolder server I use DSTRACE +LDAP, I can see that the
iFolder server is trying to find the LDAP user on its own server. Not on the
LDAP server.

Our LDAP server is working very well, we have for example a standalone
webserver (NW65SP2) with webpages what needs authentication trough the LDAP

What can be wrong on this ?