I have never used iFolder before and I am trying to fumble my way through setting it up on my test network.
I installed nw6.5 without iFolder. I then went back and installed it. I then installed SP1a, then SP2.
I verified the ifolder.nlm (v.2.01.03) is loaded as well as ifolderu.nlm.
I have gone into my ldap group and verified that "require TLS" is not checked.

From what I can gather, I need to extend the schema, create an ifolder server, and enable the users all before I can get a successful login.

when I go to login to the management console (https://my.server.name/iFolderServer/Admin) and try to login to the configurator I get a messaget that says "previous login failed". I have tried all different ways of putting in the login as well: user.test.network user,test,network cn=user.ou=test.o=network cn=user,ou=test,o=network etc...

From what I can tell, i need to login here at lease one time so that the schema gets extended and I can create the server and users.

Any guideance here would be appreciated.