Hi all,

I have recently installed NW6.5 SP2 and have the already reported issues
with iFolder Web access. The client works fine, but thru the web and via
a dialup access seems to work. If access thru the web from a browser
using broadband etc it fails - 'server access failed' message appears.

I reinstalled both iFolder and Netstorage since passphrases were not
being accepted in Netstorage when accessing iFolder. This did not fix my
iFolder web access issue, but, instead, broke Netstorage iFolder access.
Cannot see any files in iFolder although they are there and get a 'Top-
level variable 'fw.ObjectType.iFolderServer' was referenced but not
defined' and 'first line - HTTP/1.1 501 Method not implemented' errors on
the console screen.

I am considering rolling back to NW6.5 SP 1.1a, since this was the last
successfully working Service Pack on NW 6.5.

If anybody can shed some light on what is happenening to my server, it is