I have three iFolder servers setup (the third was just added last week).
Within the last month or so I've noticed that I can no longer modify any of
the users on the other servers from my main iFolder server. I get the
message "Redirection Failed!".

When I use the iFolder Management Console from the other server I get this
error when I try to open a user... "iFolder User is enabled but account has
not been activated by the user.", but this user is actively using iFolder so
I know this is not the case.

Also, after I added the third iFolder server last week I noticed that if I
go to the "Reporting - iFolder Servers" screen on my main iFolder server it
now only shows that server not the other two. It looks something like

Redirection Failed! Redirection Failed!
(Table containing the info for the current server)

I've tried doing a DSTRACE of LDAP but I guess I'm not sure what I'm
supposed to be looking for. If there are errors in there I have not seen
them, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. Any help would be