After reading the iFolder 2.1 admin guide, I still have some questions
concerning some of the features offered.

I hope this group will be able to help me out.

.. Is it possible to "schedule" the data synch between the client and the
server at a given time ? As an example, I'd like to perform a full synch
at (eg) 10pm without user intervention (ie, without having the user to
log into iFolder). Perhaps this might be done with a combination of
SecureLogin/cron under Windows.

.. Suppose the directory I want to keep in synch with the server is
C:\MYDIR; is it possible to tell iFolder to exclude some subfolders (eg,
TMP, MP3, WAV) from the list of the ones to keep in synch ? From the FAQ
it seems this feature will be available in the future but I'm not sure
if it's already available or not.

.. Is it possible to tell iFolder __NON__ to delete files on the server?
Given the above example, I'd like to tell iFolder __NOT__ to delete a
given file (on the server) when the user actually removes it from the

.. Apart from crypting the data, is iFolder also able to compress 'em "on
the fly" as well ?