I have a Dell 1400SC small server running win2K server with the latest
patches. I have installed eDir 8.7 as the LDAP service and iFolder 2.1.
Everything seemed to be going ok. I created some ifolder users in eDir and
iFolder saw them. I am using IIS on the win2K box as the web server. I
can download the iFolder client and run it on local workstations in the office.

Here's the problem. I am running the Web Server, eDir, iFolder, and a
Dental practice database on the server. I also want to run an iFolder
client on the same server. I am wanting to copy the directory structure of
the Dental practice database on a nightly basis into the local client's
iFolder directory and have it then download all of that into the main
iFolder system to be replicated out to another local workstation a also a
remote workstation. This all seemed to work OK for about 5 min. After
about 5 minutes of copying directories and files, the server blue screens
and starts dumping memory to disk. ????? Any thoughts?