Guys, I'm running into a problem with Netstorage.

1. Fresh install of NNLS on SLES 8. This is the only server in a tree.
2. Created Service location object and assigned it to the admin user
(used cifs://server_name/var/opt/novell/netstorage/admin-store

When I access netstorage site, I can get to "shared" and create and
upload files just fine.
When I access netstorage site and try to go to "admin-store" - I can get
in there but can not either upload nor create new directory.

What I have tried to do:
1. I manually created directory in /var/opt/novell/netstorage/ called
admin-store - did not work.
2. I did chown novlwww admin-store - did not work.

I'm not sure what am I doing wrong.

P.S. This server also runs DNS and DHCP services configured prior NNLS