It did cost me an incident fee though. SO since this fix should be
laid out in a easy-to-find TID, I will share it with the rest of you.

Under the registry key
HKLM\software\Novell iFolder\(username)\ServerLocation
you should see a string value with your iFolder server DNS. The value
for that string should have only 1 DNS name (or IP:port). If there are
2 names separated by a ; the client tries to use the total string to
look up the server. Remove the ; and anything following it.

Apparently this format is left over from the 1.3 iFolder client and no
longer functions with Apache2.

Once you have configured your iFolderServer through the iFolder
Management console to show only 1 server, you may be able to just
remove the old client and reinstall the new. I am not certain this
will fix the problem, I'm still testing.

Good Luck ! Jeff.