I'm a complete beginner in Novell technology and am soliciting help on
the following problem:

I have rather painfully restricted access to my Netware 6 personal web
site drive through 1) Web site logon and then 2) "Access My Drive" and
3) "Upload File" or "Create Directory". University support just added
my Novell drive access, but doesn't seem willing to let the secret out
(at least not yet) on how to more directly access the web home
directory and even do something as radical as posting blogger output
from a blog manager such as the one found at Google. I suspect they
want to restrict access for some obscure and perhaps valid reason.
What would these reasons be??

Is there anyway to make a more direct connection to allow uploading
web content to my web? (e.g. Javascript that supplies my username and
password and then sends the updated files? What do I likely have now,
iFolder, NetDrive, webDAV access??) I can see the Javascript name
that supports this on the existing kludge, but can't seem to see the
required details.