Hi all,

I am trying to configure netstorage storage objects in SLES 8 with NNLS
installed. The novell samba seems to be installed ok, however, i cannot
access my home directories or shares, simple states 'cannot find server'
or thereabouts.

My users are converted to LUM users and yet no luck. I can create a
storage location object and a list, these show up in netstorage, yet
cannot upload or download anything (file/directories simply do not

In the novell doco i cannot find enough information on ho to configure
linux users, files/driectories to access via samba and hence netstorage.

I have looked at linux web sites, but due to the way novell integrate
with Linux, i cannot find any applicable instructions.

Can anybody give me a step by step set of instructions on how to set up
netstroage access in SLES 8 from the creation of linux directories for
shares with the appropriate file rights to the configuration of smb.conf
such that it will work?

Do i need Netbios for samba to operate?