I've been having huge problems getting iFolder working on my live
servers. To help me isolate and troubleshoot, I set-up a fresh NW6.5SP2
install under VMWare (this is a completely seperate and isolated from my
live environment).

Once I'd installed NW65, I set-up a basic DNS server which would be able
to resolve the servers name. I also entered the full DNS name in SYS:ETC

I then entered the iFolder admistration pages, and did just three things:

1) Set the iFolder servers private address to the full DNS name of the
server (gtg-vm3-srv.ccw.gov.uk) and set the port to be port 80

2) Set the security passphrase to "secret"

3) Enabled the user (user3) for iFolder.

I took a fresh Win2K SP4 workstaion (again under VMWare) and connected to
the fresh server above, downloaded the iFolderClient, rebooted and
attempted to connect to the server.

iFolder client comes back with the (infamous) -105 error. The Apache
screen shows the following text when the user tries to connect:

?:0>14:33:26 IS_USER [0]
>14:33:27 14:33:27 Attribute is iFolderServerName
>14:33:27 14:33:27 Attribute is iFolderServerSecureDNSorIP
>14:33:27 14:33:27 Attribute is iFolderServerDNSorIP

?:0>14:33:27 14:33:27 LOCATE_SERVER user3=<GTG-VM3-SRV.ccw.gov.uk;gtg-

user3 is the name of the user trying to connect, and gtg-vm3-
srv.ccw.gov.uk is the full DNS name of the server (Which you can ping
from both the client and the server)

Searching knowledgebase only gives two hits, both of which relate to
accessing iFolder via a webbrowser, not the iFolder client.

What do I need to do to get iFolder working ? I'm bald enough as it is
without loosing more hair due to iFolder !

Please Help !