i would like to ask several questions regarding iFolder, I guess that i
could find answers in the site, but i want to be sure :

my goal is to save files and folders in a web server (a shared server). i
want to be able to access this information using the following :
1. activeX component - for uploading & downloading files.
2. asp.net pages - for example to show pictures that i uploaded using
3. application - for massive uploading & sychronization.

questions :

1. can i use any server (shared server) that i work with or must it be a
dedicated server ?

2. what do i need to purchase ?

3. what is "NetWare 6 & Prior 1-User e-License"?

4. how does the licencing method works? per user or per server?5

5. does iFloder meets my requirements written above?

6. can i compare it's features to a sofisticated secure ftp ?

please respond as soon as possible.

Ido Wiesneberg