I have just setup iFolder in a 2 node cluster.

From an Admin perspective everything works perfectly. It fails over
nicely, I can log in securely to the Admin console and enable iFolder
for users and so on.

The problem is that users cannot authenticate. If I go to the webpage
and click log in I am prompted as usual fro username and password.
WHatever I put in these boxes, and whether I choose encryption or not, I
get a message back saying Authentication Failed. Same from the client -
except then I get an error code - 25.

The behaviour is the same on both nodes in the cluster.

Looking at LDAP witht DSTRACE, the authentication appears to be
succesful - you can see a succesful bind, and there are no errors.

ALso on the iFolder server screen or in the logs, there are no errors.

One final thing, I am running the Apache instance in protedted memomry
as there is another instance of Apache on the cluster to server
Netstorage etc. TO get it to work in Protected memory I had to rem out
the line in HTTPD.CONF i.e. #Include sys:/netstorage/xsrv.conf. Is this

Any ideas?