I have recently installed iFolder 2.1.3 on Windows 2000/IIS 5. I put
the "Local iFolder User Database Path" on D:\ifolder (which I created
before the install) and installed the product. Every thing seemed OK, I
could administer the product, setting up new users, quota's etc so I
installed the client and logged the user in OK. The initial ifolder
folder was empty when the client sync'ed sucessfully, but when data was
copied in, the sync failed with no obvious errors. I checked the iFolder
logs in d:\ifolder which listed "11/02/04 17:52:12 paullowe/home - unable
to open DIRCON.DAT corrupted
11/02/04 17:52:12 paullowe/home - dircon.dat missing
11/02/04 17:52:12 paullowe/home - new databaseId: 4187c94c
11/02/04 17:52:12 paullowe/home - check user complete"
I changed the rights on d:\ifolder to everyone full control just to see
what whould happen after I restarted IIS, but the problem remained.I
checked the registry to make sure the path was correct and it was. I
thought I would experiment to see what would happen if I left the default
installation path of c:\ifolder in place. Guess what?, it worked OK. For
obvious reasons I cannot leave the user data on c:, but after re-
installing a number of times and checking the registry paths, it still
will not work on D:\ifolder. Any ideas anyone?