Iíve come up with an LDAP error after changing a server IP address on a
NW6.0 server patched with the latest patches. Iíve gone through every
TID I can find dealing with the IP address change issue (new
RootCert.der, etc.) yet the error remains. A hiccup I did find was a
TID10070462 that mentioned that the LDAP server stores a RootCert.der in
ďSYS:\apache\iFolder\serverĒ. It is true that Iím running iFolder on
this server and of course itís not working. However, there is no *.der
file anywhere in the apache subdirectories, nor has there ever been even
before the IP address change and the LDAP and iFolder were working fine.
Here is a DSTrace:

LDAP Server object version 8.6.2 does not match executable version 8.6.2
Starting dynamic upgrade
LDAPInstall: Failed to modify entry in UpgradeLDAPServerAndGroupObjects,
err = -672
Could not complete dynamic upgrade, err = -672
Could not validate Group in ReadConfigFromDS, err = no access (-672)
Could not update server configuration, err = no access (-672)

There has just got to be a TID I havenít found yet. Can anyone help?