I came across your iFolder Tips page, while trying to research an iFolder
error. The error seems to be with nifclnt.dll, the iFolder client
(trayapp.exe) seems to be crashing on some of our users systems and the
technical information points to this .dll file. Also we do have a proxy
server set in our browser settings, but we do not have the proxy set in
our iFolder client. Our users only use iFolder when connected to the
internal network using the client only, no web access.

The problems we are experiencing are:
Invalid Login/Password errors that after several attempts lets you in
fine. AND the trayapp.exe crashing.

Your tips apply to iFolder 1.0? Do your tips also apply to iFolder
client 2.13? The server is NW 6.5 SP2

In your tips information you recommend:

Q. I had iFolder client 1.0 working just fine. I upgraded to iFolder
Client 1.01 / 1.02, and now my iFolder client doesn't work if a proxy is
configured in Internet Explorer. What can I do to get iFolder working
again without disabling Internet Explorer proxy settings?

A. From Mike Mortensen in the Novell Public Forums, comes this tip: "Copy
the NIFCLNT.DLL from the 1.0 version over the top and you can use the
proxy again." You can get the 1.0 version HERE, and copy it into
C:\Program Files\Novell\iFolder.

Note: Doesn't work with Transparent Proxies.

Q. When my Win2k workstation starts up, iFolder crashes, giving me an
error for trayapp.exe. What can I do?

A1. See tip #10 above, and try backrevving NIFCLNT.DLL. (Worked for me.)
A2. (Thanks to Paul Gregory for this one) You have created a directory
path within the iFolder folder that is too long. Shortening the offending
path structure should cure the problem. (Error: "Trayapp.exe has
generated errors and will be closed by Windows"

Any direction you can provide is appreciated. Your Tips page was the
best iFolder information I could find on the web. Thank YOU!!