I didn't see another thread with this same type of subject, so hopefully I'm not repeating something that is already here.

I have quite a few users that could benefit from iFolder, but they are stuck in their ways of saving everything in the My Documents folder. Is there a way to make iFolder look like the My Documents folder to Windows? I have tried installing iFolder, then pointing the My Documents folder at:

"C:\Documents and Settings\<WindowsUser>\My Documents\iFolder\<NDSUser>\Home\"

But then iFolder kind of freaks out and says that I have moved the location of my Home directory and recreates it at:

"C:\Documents and Settings\<WindowsUser>\My Documents\iFolder\<NDSUser>\Home\iFolder\<NDSUser> \Home\"

Is there an easy way around this vicious cycle? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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