Hi there,
Since I've upgraded to iFolder 2.1.3 I've had a great deal of difficulty.
When I try to log in to the iFolder web interface to create objects it won't
let me. I try to authenticate as admin and I just get stuck in a loop. I
don't get any error message, I just keep getting the login screen over and
over again. In the top left of the screen where it says the user name, it
always reads "not authenticated" and I can't perform any functions. This is
a fresh install of Netware 6.0 SP5 using the overlay CD. During the initial
install I select iFolder as one of the services to install. When the server
build is done, I run the 2.1.3 iFolder install to update the current
installation. Everything seems to load fine but I just can't use it at all.
After iFolder is installed to version 2.1.3 I rebooted the server just to
see if that's all it needed and now the iFolder screen at the server isn't
comming up. The module is loaded but I get no screen. I can access the
"Manage iFolder" web page but can't log in with my admin account to set up
users. My admin account works fine in iManager and the other web
interfaces. I'm starting to ramble so I'll end now, any ideas are always

Thanks for your time!