Hi there,
I've been having all kinds of trouble with ifolder 2.1.3 and I just want to
know one thing. When I upgrade my ifolder install to version 2.1.3 it
breaks the link in the web management for "Open iFolder". The link is
looking into /Apache/nwdocs/index.html but the real index.html resides in
/Apache/iFolder/DocumentRoot. The page I get right now says "Please Replace
This Page" rather than taking me to the page to install the iFolder client.
If I replace the page as instructed, I just get a page cannot be displayed
error. Anyway, I'm just about fed up with this so I'm going to stop working
on it. Any info on how to correct this problem would be greatly
appreciated. I was just wondering why the upgrade install wouldn't make any
mention of this or wouldn't complete this part of the install. Would
something have happened on my install to prevent this page from being set up
properly? This is about my 5th time rebuilding this server to make iFolder
work. It's obviously not a production server but I'm trying to get iFolder
into use and this is a real hinderance. I have a Netware 6.0 SP5 server
built from an overlay CD. The iFolder upgrade is the absolute first thing I
do because that's all I'm interested in right now. The iFolder 1.0.3 web
links work fine but ALWAYS after this upgrade the links don't work anymore.

Anyway, thanks again!