When I installed iFolder, I installed it with the server name
srv01.int.abc.com. Thinking that the int. part would be good to keep my
internal DNS name space separate from my external DNS name space, which
is abc.com. After the fact, I realized that it would be better to setup
the server name in iFolder to be srv01.abc.com, that way my users could
easily access iFolder from inside or outside my firewall.

Like everything else, It's easier if you set it up right during the
install. Oh well...

So, I changed all references in my httpd.con and httpd_addition_nw.conf
files from srv01.int.abc.com to just srv01.abc.com. Now, when I try to
login at the iFolder Server Management console, I get the following

LDAP server down?

Any ideas on how I can correct this?

By the way, I have srv01.abc.com properly configured in my server's hosts
file. And, I also have an entry for it properly configured in my DNS
server, i.e. I can ping it from my workstation.

Thank you.