I upgrade a server to Edirectory 8.73 on Friday Dec 17th. Everything
seemed AOK until I received several calls about not being able to login to
After further research I found the following message on start of iFolder
1.03 - LDAP_Simple-Bind:Can't Contact LDAP Server(81) I have tried
multiple things to try and resolve this problem including recreating the
SSL certificates and exporting the trusted RootCert to ifolder server
directory still no luck. No matter what I try it will not stick. I was
then just going to re-install iFolder 1.03, but lost the installation file
anyone out there know where I may get a copy??? Any help any of you may
provide would be greatly appreciated. System Information below.
NW 6 Sp5E
EDir 8.73
Novell iFolder 1.03
Running on a Dell PowerEdge 4400