Isn't there some way - besides logging in as each user - to edit
specific client policies *before* users log in for the first time to
activate their accounts? I'm not talking about global settings, either.


22 users enabled for iFolder access.

Global Client Policies call for:
Encryption - On, Enforced
Save Password - Off, Enforced
Save Pass Phrase - Off, Enforced
Recover Pass Phrases - On
Automatic Sync - On, Enforced

For (6) users, I want to turn off enforcement of Automatic Sync.
However, out of the box, it looks like I would have tpo either have them
each log in to iFolder or I would have to perform six logins (with each
of their credentials) myself.

I'm looking for a way to make these changes without activating them
first. Off the top of my head, it looks like I would need to disable
their iFolder accounts, make changes to the global client policies,
enable their iFolder accounts again, and then switch the global policies
back; is this the only way to work around this limitation (aside from
using ICE to import settings via LDAP)?

TIA, and Happy New Year, everyone.

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