My attempt when using netdrive with webdav proved fatal. Perhaps somebody
can point to me where I went wrong.

I managed to connect via ftp and ifolder protocol with no problem but not
when using webdav.

Everytime I tried webdav, the windows explorer will slow to crawl response
and netdrive in icon tray will give all sorts of 'can't get method'
messages, the lock itself up completely when I tried to disable or
disconnect the drive mapping (right-click, etc).

I thought it is a user access priviledge is problem but same same thing if I
use admin account.

Question for the experts:
If using webdav protocol, I have to type in the url in the server field like

Is this correct?

My server and clients info:

Netware 6.5 Sp 2
netdrive 4.1.2
Windows XP + Sp2

Please help.