NW 6.5 SP2, iFolder 2.1.3.

We had strange problems with some less user who could not login to iFolder.

The error message was simply: wrong password.

After switching on LDAP debuging on the NW 6.5 server i got the following error message:

Failed to resolve full context on connection 0x9617b540, err = maximum logins exceeded or Q stn not server (-217).

The user object was limited to 1 concurrent logins.

After setting 2 concurrent logins in the user object, iFolder works well and it is possible to loggin.

1.) the error message on the iFolder client (W2k SP4 workstation) is incorrect. The password is not wrong. Only the concurrent logins were not sufficient.

2.) Why need iFolder a second concurrent login? I could not find any hint in the readme or documentation. Strange enough most of our users have only 1 concurrent login, and in spite off iFolder works well.

Thank you in advance for your help

UVEX Arbeitsschutz GmbH
Andreas Ebert