I upgraded a client from NW SBS 6.0 to SBS 6.5 recently. There were three users running iFolder.

After the upgrade, I got iFolder 2.1 running and it started to sync the data down for user 1.

But user 2, says "synchronizing complete" yet it isn't syncing at all. I put in files, etc... but for user 1, it works.

Could this be a corrupt data store?

Another phenomenon WAS that I could not edit user2's account in iFolder admin. I just checked it now and it seems I can get in....
What WAS happening there was that you do a search for users, find user2 who's account has been provisiioned, click on that user and you're supposed to get to a screen to edit their user preferences. This works now. Before, it would just give an error.

So, what do you suggest - could I just delete the data store and would iFolder automatically remake the files and we could sync up from the local PC?




Per: Willem Bagchus
President & CEO