I have a NW6.0SP5 server with ifolder 1.03 installed. Version 1.03 was
working ok, but not being used by anyone. Since we plan to upgrade to
6.5 soon, I decided to upgrade to version ifolder 2.0 before turning it
loose to the user community. The upgrade completed ok but I get an error
when attempting the initial admin login to set the global settings. It
appears the login is ok, but I get a "Add Object: Unknown
ErrorInsufficient rights to access Global Settings" error message. On
the Apache screen on the server it appears to be in the schema extension
operation. I saw a previous post mentioning no multiple contexts for
admin login in the conf file. I'm ok there.
I am ready to unistall everything and go back to 1.03 unless someone
thinks they can help.
TIA, Rich Macaluso