I've logged into my ifolderdemo account file using the client just fine
and set a passphrase, but trying to use the web interface (after plugging
in login info) it fails with "server access failed".

My client is WinXP SP1 running IE 6.0.2 (I have the same problem on an XP
SP2 box with IE as well).

I'm at a site that uses BorderManager proxy v3.6 w/ sp2 I believe:
brdsrv.nlm is dated Sep 2001. It's setup for normal outbound http &
https proxy over port 8080 for anyone.

I'm trying the demo site as I have the same problem using the web
interface with iFolder 2.1 installed at my own companies iFolder server
from remote sites that use a proxy server.

It all works fine from my personal ADSL line at home accessing either my
company's iFolder or the iFolderdemo site via the java applet as well as
at a couple of friends places who have a mix of cable, adsl and dial-up
using Win2k, XP and 2003 server - all IE.

It would appear to be a problem accessing the web interface java applet
through any proxy, as I receive the same error when at a remote site that
uses either BM or ISA proxy servers.

I read one forum post regarding IE's funny handling of java applets so
I've also tried manually typing in the direct URL with the same result.
Any clues as to why this is a problem?