I had one iFolder server in my tree, and it died catastrophically. Box
is gone.

Declared server dead in NDS, cleaned up its objects (not the iFolder
objects a container higher, as it turns out). Reinstalled as the same
name, into the same place, in the same tree. (Tested that obits had
cleared first).

Now I login via iFolder, and I am asked for an encryption password. Good.

Go to Admin server, Search for User, I see

Distinguished Name cn=geoffc,ou=fac,o=yorku
User LDAP iFolder_ldap01 (refresher.ccs.yorku.ca)
iFolder Server Name iFolder_server01 (ifolder.ccs.yorku.ca)
iFolder Account Path F0\F2CEEDABAEDE4D6CD39629224784235D
Disk Quota 2000 MB

<Disable Button> iFolder User

iFolder User is enabled but account has not been activated by the u

That is it. I do not have the option to recover my passphrase, which
is what I was looking for...

I can login, via the iFolder client, and my 380 Megs (6000+ files) sync
onto the server. I even did it a second time to move the ifolder
directory to a different volume.

But I still get told i am enabled but not activated...

So I tested in IE, since in the past, Mozilla would say it had enabled
an account but did not. Same issue.

Server is NW6.5 Sp2 (overlay CD), client in WinXP SP2, iFolder 2.01.03
from the Modules list, client is 2.1.5 04/07/22.

Ideas? (Yes, my iFolderServerAgent user has enough rights at the root
of the tree... I read the previous posts on this topic...)

I do note that the Admin Server tells me that the Admin user list is
the old one, not the one I set when I reinstalled, so some of the
settings must be kept in the NDS objects and thus persisted...