Environment involved:

Windows 2000 Server sp4 (server side)
Internal Address
NAT address (behind a Pix 501) 10.40.x.x

Ifolder 2.1.3
Windows 2000 Professional sp4 (client side)
Internal Address

Here goes my problem, i succesfully installed IFolder and managed to make
it work fine under IIS.
So i can access my IFolder Management Console and administer fine both
users, servers and LDAP.
Altho everytime i try to login a user through IE i get an "User Account
not initialized".
Everytime i try to login a user through IFolder Client instead i get
an "Unable to connect to server (-105)".
Browsed most tips both on Support and in here and found no solution till
I both tried to set Ifolder to "listen" on (real ip) and
10.40.x.x(natted ip).
Please notice that i can telnet fine both on port 80 and 443.
Please also notice that i opened (to be sure) from any network to my host
http, https, ldap and ldaps to be absolutely sure that firewall won't
block any kinda packet involved.
Any ideas and or help would be greatly appreciated.
Thx in advance