We are experiencing a very painful issue with our iFolder server running on
NW6.5SP2 with Apache2.0.52 following a server crash. This problem also
occurred before upgrading Apache2 from what is included with SP2, but did
not happen when the servers were running NW6SP3 with Apache1.3.27.

The problem is showing itself after the server abends, etc. What happens is
that all files in users' accounts are detected as corrupt and iFolder then
deletes the files (ie error shows as "filemap && file 2e6e discarded (length
mismatch)"), leaving the directories empty. The client on the users machines
then has to re-upload all the data.

This is problematic as there is a large amount of files that need to
reupload over various speeds of links (including dialup). The main problem
with this issue is the potential for data loss as someone may have received
a new laptop, for instance, and is dependent on having those files all ready
to download. This in fact did happen to us ~1 month ago, unfortunately a VP
that no longer trusts iFolder. We ended up having to restore everything from
backup but that took everyone back to that previous backup point.

What can be done to avoid this from occurring, short of going back to
iFolder running under NW6 and Apache1.3.27/whatever version is current in
the 1.3 line?

Thanks for any help you can provide...