Hello everyone,

Well, I am still trying to get iFOlder (1.1) up and running. NW6SP4 ...

It was going fine until a cert expired; I renewed the cert, it refuses
to start. This may now be an apache problem, if so, I will post there,
but it started as an iFolder problem and I only run apache on this
server to run ifolder ... <g>

I have followed the steps in TID10092828, run PKIDIAG, it reports it has
fixed two errors, I re-start Apache (NVXADMUP) and get the exact same
error that is addressed in the TID.

Module MOD_JK.NLM load status OK
[Wed Feb 16 09:05:33 2005] [crit] (10022)Unknown error:
make_secure_socket: for
address port 2200, WSAIoctl: (SO_SSL_SET_SERVER)

A couple of questions ... can I unistall iFolder and try installing a
later version? I don't mind staying with 1.1, it worked very well for a
long time (until this recent blow-up) but is it worth trying this?

Otherwise, what? Delete all the key material etc. for the server and
start again? I have seen recommendations to delete and recreate the
entire security infrastructure from the Cert server on up, but that
seems rather severe and I have other servers and functions depending on
these services ... sigh.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Ken McLeod
The Delphian School