This is iFolder 2.1.3 on NW 6.5SBS

Really a conceptual question more than anything. I have been following the
various threads regarding users who want to use iFolder for its "intended"
purpose, i.e., keeping a set of files sync'ed between two or more
workstations but would also like to map to those files on the NW server via
the login script when they're at the office.

One of the recurring issues I see is the lack of ability to easily and
securely share out a single file to multiple users when using iFolder.

Another issue is the inability to map a drive to the user's home directory
if they are using iFolder as their primary data store. It is not always
practical nor desireable to have iFolder as the only means of accessing
files. This doesn't seem to be a good idea on a shared workstation.

Yes, there is Netdrive, but that doesn't seem to address the issue of
sharing out a single file or directory that must also be included in an
iFolder sync.

OK - so I've done a little experimenting: The "roaming" laptop with the
iFolder client works as advertised. I did redirect the iFolder "home"
directory to C:\Home instead of the {My
Documents}\user_name\home\ifolder\home\user_name.. . whatever path mess that
is impossible to navigate to by changing the value in the registry. Then
copied the contents of my network \users\%login_name to C:\Home. Syncs like
a champ. Of course, it has no effect on my network home directory because
they are completely unrelated and disconnected.

Then installed the iFolder client on my desktop workstation. After
rebooting, I changed the registry setting to point to "G:" - my network home
directory. Forced a sync and lo and behold, this works. Change a file on the
laptop and it's updated in G:. Change a file in G: and it's updated on the
laptop's C:\Home directory via iFolder.

Now, I haven't really looked at how much network traffic this is going to
generate. I'm thinking that every time I sync the desktop the data has to
travel across the wire at least twice but that might be incorrect. Also have
noted a couple of things. The network "home" directory "G:" also contains a
"Program Files\Novell\iFolder\user_name\Home" directory with all of the MAP
and DIR files that would ordinarily exist on the local drive of the remote
pc. This structure becomes part of what gets passed to the laptop during the
synching. Also noted that you can't have the trailing "\" in any of the path
names, e.g. NOT "C:\Home\" but rather "C:\Home" or you run into a number of
problems when synching.

Ah, you were waiting for the question... Pitfalls/problems anticipated with
this arrangement?
Is there another way that is more elegant, safe and accomplishes the same