I got a statment from Novell documentation that I have copied and pasted
below. I have installed Netstorage on one of my servers on one tree, but I
wanted users from other trees to use this Netstorage to access files on
other trees. It says you create a user with the same name, but how about
passwords ? I have tried this, but each time I login with that user, it
shows me only files from the Primary Domain, I have have added Domains and
contexts to the Netstorage from iManager of the other trees, but still in
vain. Is there anything I should watch out of ? So does this work as
? Nw6.5sp2 eDir8.7.3.3

HINT: If you specified alternate IP addresses or DNS names of servers in
other eDirectory trees during the NetStorage installation, NetStorage reads
the User object properties in the other eDirectory trees and also displays
those home directories. This is useful if a user normally logs in to more
than one eDirectory tree and you want that user to have access to
home directories in different eDirectory trees using NetStorage. The User
object name must be the same for each eDirectory tree.