I installed Ifolder 1.03 on an NW 6.0sp5 server. It all went well and I
tested it on a couple PC's for a couple weeks. Suddenly, it stopped
accepting logins...it would always say something like "invalid password" yet
I knew the PW had not changed.

I had decided that I'd rather deploy version 2.1.3 anyway, so I unistalled
the 1.03, rebooted the server and deleted the leftover directory. I did not
find any Edir objects that I thought were related to the old Ifolder, so no
cleanup required there.

The 2.13 install went great, and when I STOPIFOLDER then STARTIFOLDER it
appears to load fine. Apache log looks ok, including "Configured LDAP was
found ready to use.". However, when I try to log in to set the global
settings, I still get the "Your previous login failed!" message.

Any idea what it could be? I am not skilled at troubelshooting LDAP, but if
it was an LDAP problem, wouldn't I see LDAP related error messages?

Thanks for any help or suggestions!