I am going to be upgrading the last two NW4.11 servers on the network to
6.5 soon. These two servers are the two main file servers and hold most of
the users files.

I have been experimenting with NetStorage, iFolder, and NetDrive with the
idea of deploying them so the users could access their files from either
their home computers or some loaner laptops they can check out when they

I would like to hear which of the three technologies others are using and
why you chose them? Also what kind of issues have you seen using them?

Right now I am leaning toward Netdrive because of its ability to map a
drive letter the servers. This is something the users are familiar with
and are comfortable with. But I am concerned that Novell appears to be
abandoning it, which is based on some of the comments I have read in this
forum and the iFolder forum.

I like iFolder's synchronization capability but the fact it can only
connect to one folder is very limiting.

NetStorage not requiring a client, is a plus, but I believe most of the
users will quickly become frustrated with requirement of having to
download the file and save to local drive to edit it and then upload it
again. There is also the posibilty they may forget to upload it after
they are done. I am also concerned about users leaving files with
confidential information on Hotel business centers computers.

I realize they are just different ways of accomplishing pretty much the
same task so I am basically asking which do you prefer?