I have a problem which I have not found a solution for in the knowledgebase.
Recently I have uninstalled ifolder and reinstalled it.
After reinstalling it part of the ifolder management admin gui will not work
and crashes the ifolder admin gui until I restart the server.
Ifolder will still work but not the ifolder admin gui.
It only happens when I login to the ifolder admin gui and click on system
monitoring. All other functions will work until I click on system
monitoring. Once it crashes I also get an error message at the system

2-25-2005 2:28:45 pm: SERVER-5.60-4631 [nmID=1001C]
WARNING! Server XXXX experienced a critical error. The offending
was suspended or recovered. However, services hosted by this server may
have been affected.

ALSO in the abend log:

Abended Thread Count

Execution Profile Data by Thread
Thread Name Thread ID Thread State Parent NLM Execution Time
Apache 29 8467B520 Suspended by Abend Recovery APACHE.NLM 0.0 %
Server 5 C885C520 Waiting for work SERVER.NLM 49.6 %
Processor 1: IDLE Thread C889F2A0 Ready to run / running SERVER.NLM 49.6 %
Server 01:2 C88272C0 Waiting for work SERVER.NLM 0.3 %
Server 00:45 87325240 Waiting for work SERVER.NLM 0.2 %