Ok I keep trying after every so many months to get this upgrade, but no
matter what I try, I can not get the LDAP to initialize during ifolder
2.13 startup. I have upgraded from 1.03 to 2.13 everything loads AOK
except it will not bind to LDAP and I can not login to the Admin page
although I can see it. Any help that you may provide would be greatly
appreciated. I have also tried a new server same thing happens. I am
trying to install it into a server in a OU does this have something to do
with it. All the config files look right, I even created an Admin user in
my Context. Can I not install ifolder 2.13 into a specific OU? Also the
Server Objects are not created when installation is complete. Below is my
error message, I get all other webpages for admin just can not login.
Exact error message is

LDAP is found and ready to use.

LDAP initializaion failed. Check LDAP and restart Apache.

Everything seems AOK on the LDAP server and Group object, I looked at your
recommendations to hmmmmmm post several days ago and my setting are
exactly as you have recommended.
Anders Gustafsson you have helped me in the past do you have any idea's as
to why I can use iFolder 1.03 no problems with LDAP, but when i try to
upgrade to 2.13 it fails to load.
OS = Netware 6
SP = 5e
Anonymous binds are enabled and using port 389