I found the following link on the Download page for NetWare 6.0, under


The download is for a full version of ifolder 2.13 for NetWare 6.0, and
refers to the iFolder 2.1 manual for installation instructions. This manual
says that the minimum OS version for ifolder 2.13 is NW6.5SP2, so I'm
confused about this download.

My questions are these:

* Can I install this on NetWare 6.0SP3?

* What minimum version of eDir do I need to be running? We're running 8.6.2.

* Are there any other gotchas I need to know about?

If this is a full version of 2.13 that will run on NetWare 6.0SP3 with eDir
8.6.2 I will be very happy, but I want to make sure I've met the
prerequisites first!