A few weeks ago, I finished migrating all of our iFolder users from our
old iFolder server (IF2) to the new server (IF1). I then deleted the
old iFolder server objects from the tree. Since then, I'm unable to run
the iFolder administration utility in IE. It appears to 'start' to
connect to the administration page, but then it tries to connect to the
*old* iFolder server and fails with "Internet Explorer was unable to
link to the Web page you requested. The page might be temporarily

This only happens on my PC, and only with IE. If I use Firefox, I can
connect to the page normally, but due to Novell's inexplicable reliance
on IE, I cannot administer users with that browser. I've gone through
the registry looking for suspicious entries. I've also deleted all
cookies from IE. I'm stumped.

Any thoughts?