I have a user that is using iFolder and every morning when he turns his computer on, he gets a prompt that iFolder has caused a serious error and had to be shut down. It appears as the typical error message offering to send an error report to Microsoft. This started about two weeks ago so I uninstalled iFolder, rebooted, and reinstalled. This helped and he didn't get the error for 3-5 days. Now the error has reappeared so I'm assuming there is something deeper that I need to be looking into, but I'm not sure where to go. Here is the information about iFolder and our NetWare server:

iFolder Server: 1.03 6/12/2002
iFolder Host Web Server: Apache/1.3.31 (NETWARE)
iFolder Host OS: NetWare 5.60.05

The user is only using 107 MB of his 200 MB limit. He has 173 Directories and 736 files, so nothing is off the charts. Aside from removing his account and completely recreating, I'm out of ideas. Thanks in advance!

Ryan Sinnwell
Regional IT Engineer
The Weitz Company
(515) 698-4281