I had a working ifolder at one point in time. Maybe it was nw6, I don't
know, it's been so long. Every now and then when I get a chance, I try to
get it to work, but never can.

You'd think a product could be uninstalled and reinstalled, and it would
work. Not so with ifolder.

I have not idea why a reinstall of the product doesn't fix things. To me
that is evidence of an install that SUCKS!!

Ok, forgive me, I'm very frustrated.

My server's primary ip is imanger and tomcat are loading and
working fine.

I've added a secondary ip of to be used for ifolder.

I re-install ifolder, go to the ifolder manager, and edit the settings of
the ifolder_server01 so that it is using the dns name, and on the bottom
part of the field, set up the private ip to

While on my lan, nothing responds on port 80 for Tcpcon shows
nothing listening.

I add a LISTEN and SECURE listen statement for in the regular
apache2 httpd.conf. After that I get the default welcome page, but if I
try to access ifolder weblogin via the links, it tries to go to
a /netstorage subdirectory. I do NOT have netstorage installed.

There needs to be a logicsource for ifolder. The documentation just doesn't
give enough information to get it work in a nat'd environment. Who the
heck is using public ip's inside their lan's in the last 5 years?

It's like everything coming out of novell is only half-baked.

It's driving me crazy.