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Hauksson wrote:
> I get the error message:
> Your previous login failed!

I know this is late, but I recently found a solution to this which I
haven't seen posted. If nothing else, this might help those searching
the forum down the road....

The culprit may be your user name when logging into AD -- if you
have a user as follows:

FirstName: iFolder
LastName: Admin
LogonName: ifadmin

When logging in to AD using LDAP syntax, you must use 'iFolder Admin'
(NOT 'ifadmin'!), and 'iFolder Admin' is what iFolder must have in the
iFolder Admin list.

And for those who've already installed using 'ifadmin' and therefore
cannot login to the iFolder Admin page to fix the problem, just change
this registry entry...

HKLM\System\CurrentControSet\Services\W3SVC\iFolde rServer\iFolderAdminN
ame hold the correct name, then execute IISRESET from a command
prompt -- once the web server has restarted, login to the iFolder Admin
page is possible.

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