I set up iFolder, essentially for a single remote user, semi-permanently
stationed in another city. He is connected to the internet via DSL..the
lower end of the tier, I believe its 700k download, and probably a much
lower upload speed. (don't have the exact numbers, but its "decent" for a
single user). I noticed the defaults in the iFolder client are "5 second
delay" to send to the ifolder server, and to check the server for any
changes every 20 seconds. wondering if that isn't going to be too
aggressive, for it to be constantly "pinging" the server when changes will
be few and far between...and over a "moderate" internet link.

The main purpose of the ifolder is to idiot-proof the backup process. "keep
your data in this folder, and you won't have to bother backing up" sort of
thing. just don't want to unnecessarily slow down his computer, or internet
speed. I suppose if thats a problem, I could have him sync manually...but
that un-does the "idiot-proofing".

I suppose the only thing that might need to be adjusted is the "sync from
server" interval, since few changes will be eminating from there.